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Frequently Asked Questions about our video editing service

Pro Cut Service is an online video editing service. We take our Client’s footage, we cut it and edit into short video with the background music. We spent hours on every projects making corrections and working on every details, so that you can be happy with the final effect.

You can upload footage from any device: Phone, Camera, Gopro etc. Raw videos from your Summer, Winter Vacation, Road Trips, Concerts, Family events, Birthday, Wedding and much more. ProCut Service is here to make your best and important memories always available to you. More information about the video content you can find in Terms and Conditions.

Video editing is time consuming and tough job, most people procrastinate it and in final never make it done. We created ProCut Service to make your life easier. Our experienced editors use professional software to produce your footage into professional looking video.

Our process couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is sign up,  fill a simple order form, pay 20% deposit, give us enough information about you, shortly describe your footage and share your ideas about the production. You do not have to worry about anything else, the next step include our effort to make your footage look stunning. We will inform you about any changes and keep constant contact with you through the whole process, so that after few day you can enjoy your video.

We try to adjust music to the content of the video. In general we advise you to use our rich royalty-free music library (genre of your choice), because every background music in our video production requires copyrighted licence, however if you wish to have a commercial song in the background that’s possible, but you must consider an extra cost for the licence determined by the producer. If you request we may use the YouTube music library and send you a link to the video via YouTube website,but under YouTube conditions we do not take responsibility for blocking or deleting material by YouTube controllers.

Yes, you can apply your own music. In the case when you are the author of the music or you own the rights to the song, you don’t need to worry about the licence. Any else music applies to above question. More information you can find in Terms and Conditions.

Yes you can, but only if you have picked the Pro version of edition, which includes two revisions. Look under  Revisions – Terms and Conditions.

If your video project contains only Royalty free music our team will sent you a mp4 file for download online on your device. If your video contains commercial, we will provide you with a link via YouTube to your final video, although please be aware that we do not take responsibility for blocking or deleting material by YouTube controllers.

The average time of preparing your video will take us from 5 to 10 days from the beginning of the project. Because the delivery time depends of the selected package as well as the length and complexity of the material sended by you, that is why in special cases this time may be longer. We will keep you informed about the extended execution time.

Still have questions about our Video Editing Service?

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.

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